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The Xtreme Studios Story

No more waiting for RnB Fridays, its RnB Everyday at Xtreme Studios! 

🔶️Let’s break it down !
🔶️Xtreme Studios is a fitness Venue located in Beenleigh, Logan City.
✅Our signature 10 Week Xtreme Step Hip Hop Movement program. ®️
It includes:
❌Xtreme Hip Hop
🥊Boxfit and Kick it Fit HIIT,
🌿Mindfulness Midweek Reset 💁‍♀️Assisted Life Coaching
This is a program of 10 weeks commitment with structured weekly tasks and program phases
🔶️AIM OF OUR PROGRAM: To create a fun health journey unlike any other that gets results. Mind body and soul
🔶️OUR NAME: Xtreme Hip Hop forms a big role in our challenge program. We loved Xtreme Hip Hop so much that we asked the creator Phil Weeden after becoming certified in his brand if we could open a dedicated studio to the brand and use the Xtreme Name in our studio title. Obviously the answer was YES
🔶️OUR VALUES: We support a holistic approach to health and believe that Health is not just Physical Fitness and scales. By offering our clients the education and tools for not only physical training, but mindfulness, goal setting and habit coaching, that we are setting you up for success to achieve your goals. It is yours if you want it‼️
🔶️OUR TRAINERS: We currently have 4 trainers that are Cert 3 and Cert 4 in fitness qualified or in training, our aim is to support growth in our people and help them expand their knowledge and skills. We love helping to upskill up and coming trainers. We are Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil Instructors, Kickfit Hiit Boxing & Kickboxing for fitness, and Pre and Post Natal Trainers.
🔶️HOW CAN I BE AN XTREME HIP HOP INSTRUCTOR: This is organised through Xtreme Hip Hop USA, check out Phils website for Instructor details.
🔶️WILL XTREME STUDIOS BE ANYWHERE ELSE?: Yes, our plan has always been to expand in a way that helps people and their families grow. To provide people with employment they love and a business to treat as their own. Imagine being able to provide someone with an opportunity to change their life? This is when you know you have found your purpose. 🤗

Our aim for Xtreme Studios is to create a venue away from the stigma of “Gyms”. An alternative option to the standard workouts and making movement fun. 

We are a local family owned and operated business with community needs at the forefront of our business. Our approach to health is holistic and inclusive. We believe in providing you with the tools to receive guidance, support and education on your journey to health, because only then can you create a way to form new habits that in turn changes your lifestyle for the better.

The first of it’s kind in Australia, Xtreme Studios staff are Certified Fitness instructors & Personal Trainers qualified to deliver our trademark Xtreme Step Hip Hop Movement Programs.

Our studio specializes in movement based fitness classes and programs that involve Xtreme Hip Hop, Beat Boxing Fitness, Kick Boxing Fitness and Body weighted movements to your favourite RnB and hip hop Music. We Focus not only on fitness but health, Mindset, nutrition for health and Wellness. 

We believe we have the tools and passion to set you up for success on your new journey to health while you have fun. Regain your confidence and enjoy coming to a space for you to be comfortable to be yourself.   


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Xtreme Step Hip Hop Movement Programs are designed to keep you constantly moving. Our state of the art Heart rate monitors will keep track of your progress & You will forget you are working out because you are too busy enjoying yourself


The hardest part of starting something new, is actually starting! Once youve made that decission that you are ready for better health, watch your lifestyle change. Let us guide you on a journey to becoming the best version of you!


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