ROUND 3 Begins July 12th 2021

The 10 Week Program  (General Challenger)

  • Unlimited Access to all Weekly Classes
  • Xtreme Hip Hop Step Fitness
  • Boxfit, Kickfit and Hiit fitness classes 
  • Entry into the Challenge 
  • Free Fitness Assessments on weeks 1, 5 and 10
  • Free Training Singlet 
  • End of round celebration Awards Night
  • Halfway celebration & Family Day BBQ 
  • 3 x Team Bonding Outdoor activities 
  • Discounted Myzone Heart Rate Monitor – (Mandatory for tracking your points, fitness progress and attendance)
  • Secure Childrens area
  • A non refundable joining fee applies and forms the prize pool


The Ultimate Challenger Transformation Program 

Receive all of the above PLUS

  • 1 x Personal Training session a week
  • Ultimate Challenger ONLY Bootcamp Blast
  • 10 x weekly Meal Plans for the entire challenge inclusive of Shopping list, recipes, and food swap options via our Nutrition App  
  • 1 on 1 Goal Setting Meetings at weeks 1, 3 and 6 
  • Weekly Measurement progress chart and accountability check ins 
  • Personal coach access via messenger for questions and answers for the entire challenge 

How does the Challenge work? How to Win? 

Unlike other fitness programs our challenge is not only about physical appearance, we want to give EVERYONE a chance to win! 

We have 4 main categories to decide winners they are:

Your commitment to the program. A minimum of 3 days a week (4 Days a week for the Ultimate Challenger)  is required to be in the running.

The support you show our community. Encouragement and acceptance of your fellow members is a massive factor in everyones progress.

Before and After Photos, Measurements and your overall progress (We dont measure weight or fat loss alone) 

Your goals achieved and overall mindset growth.  We facilitate this with out Mid week Reset Program coaching you to change your habits 

Change your lifestyle and have fun doing it! 

Our 10 Week Program is a journey into Health, Fitness and Personal Growth. We have built an amazingly open and welcoming community amongst our members and you will feel welcomed from Day 1

Physically our Program starts off learning the very basics, you don’t need to know how to dance or know any moves to start. We then increase in difficulty and intensity over the 10 weeks as you progress and your fitness and skills increase. 80 Percent of our members are brand new to fitness! 

You are also supported over the 10 weeks as we facilitate you through movement programs to improve not only your health and fitness, but to embrace and learn about growth mindset, mindfulness, nutrition for health and many more elements that all impact your overall well being. (Coaching Package alone valued at $247 FREE with our challenge)

You will find this is more than just a fitness challenge where you find a safe space to be yourself, regain your confidence and make some amazing friends along the journey


This special offer will only be available to 40 members for Round 3 Beginning July 12th 

Once places fill, Memberships will close until round 4


Step 1 - Decide Your Membership type

Weekend Casual Class?
10 Week Transformation Program?
10 Week Ultimate Challenger Program?

For Casual weekend classes select "Book a Casual Class" in the menu above

STEP 2 - Join Online

Once you have chosen your membership option click the sign up now button *No fees are taken until your round begins

Please note: There is a once off Joining fee of $50 for adults & Myzone Heart Rate Monitor Fee. Ask us about payment options if you need to. 

Step 3 - Your Place is Secured!

As the date gets closer to day 1, we will advertise your private facebook group for members for the current round that is open.
All communication will be via this platform

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